The Band

Thé Classic Tribute to

Wilko van Beek


Guitarplayer with a touch of Blues and the looks of Richie Blackmore.


Sidewalk Sally, Bullfrog Taste Express

Ex Hammerhead

Wim Vandenoord


Bassplayer who's got the pumpin' bass and the groove. Ready, steady, go!

Band: Gundogs

Ex Chinee, Bertus Borgers & Rosa King

PJ Kleevens

Hammond / Keyboard

PJ is a wizzard on the Hammond, creating the sound of Jon Lord with the legendary Leslie.


Royal Flush. 4Eigner

Ex Horizon, Ian Parry's  Rock Emporium

Hans in 't Zand


Reliable and powerfull, a Highway Star amongst drummers.

Bands: Praying Mantis (UK), August Life

Ex Vengeance, Mad Max (D)

Ron Gershwin


Singer with the skill to entertain. Has got the power and hight of Gillan and the blues of Coverdale.

Band: Duketown Dogs

Ex Allied Forces

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